28 Aug 2020

Please take a moment to consider if you agree with these comments.

The following information summarizes the comments we have received from stakeholders and the public concerning Manitouwadge's overall trail network.

Overall Trail Network

  • Survey respondents ranked the importance of the following improvements to Manitouwadge’s trail network. From highest to lowest priority, they were ranked as follows:
    1. surface improvements
    2. regular maintenance of trails
    3. maps at the entrances to trails
    4. directional signage/ trail markers
    5. maps at points along the trails
    6. online resources (maps and trail information)
    7. more trails
  • Multiple stakeholders expressed concern about volunteer burnout, maintenance burdens, and spring flooding issues.
  • Multiple stakeholders expressed instances of motorized trail use negatively impacting the enjoyment of non-motorized trail use.
  • In-town trails, canoe routes, advertising, waterfall trail access and signage improvements were brought up repeatedly as priority items.
  • Not everyone in town is happy about off-road vehicles driving around the neighbourhoods and downtown area.

    General Concerns
  • It is important that any proposed trail improvements do not create a cost for users. Perhaps using a new trail could warrant a cost, but not the existing trails.
  • The lodging available in town is limited and needs to be improved if tourism is to be successful
  • Lake Manitouwadge is under utilized
  • Limited volunteers and fast growing vegetation undergrowth make trail maintenance challenging.

Please take a moment to consider if you agree with these comments or if you have anything to add. Would you be pleased if trail improvements were focused on in-town trails and canoe routes? Which trails are most in need of surface improvements?

Let's start a conversation! Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comment box bellow.

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